Questions about PIN-free prepaid phone service

Questions about Pre-Paid Ld Service plans

How does Instant Access ( Pin Free ) technology work?
When placing an international or domestic long-distance call, you dial our access numbers and the system automatically performs a caller-ID check on your Instant Access registered phone numbers and caller-ID recognition and grants you access. There are no PINs or access codes to remember if you call from a pre-register phone number.

Do I have to subscribe to use the Instant Access service?
Yes. Since the system works with caller-ID technology, you must register the phone numbers you want the system to check when you place an International or domestic long-distance call.

How many phone numbers can I register when subscribing?
You can register as many numbers you want under the same account. For example, to include your cell phone, home phone and office phone and pay for them all with one credit card, just write down all three phone numbers on your registration form. That's all there is to it!

How long does my account remain active?
Once you have set up an account, it will always be active as long at it has a positive balance. Your prepaid minutes NEVER expired.

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