Questions about PIN-free prepaid phone service

Questions about Pre-Paid Ld Service plans

Why is Pre-Paid LD usage growing so rapidly?
Prepaid LD phone plans are great MONEY SAVERS! They significantly reduce phone bills, especially for people on the run like business travelers, college students and vacationers. They offer convenience and reliability everywhere, all the time - which makes them extra valuable in emergencies.

Is it safe to order on the internet?
Azultel's page is a secure site. You can order with confidence knowing that your credit card information will be strictly guarded. Alternatively, you can call our customer service numbers and place a phone order.

How will I get my card?
After you finish subscribing over the Internet or by phone and your payment authorization is done, the system will generate your account and register your personal information. Then we will send you an e-mail with all the access numbers, PIN and a tool for printing your calling card so you can put it in your wallet or purse. If you subscribe by phone, we will call you and give you all of this information. Your account on the Internet will be created using either method.

What do I have to do to use the service?
The e-mail you receive from us will instruct you to dial a toll-free access number, then the PIN and finally, the number you wish to call.

Do the advertised phone rates vary at all?
No, the rates remain the same all day, seven days a week anywhere in the continental U.S..

Can I call from anywhere with my card?
Yes, most cards are for calls originating in the United States and can be made from any phone in the country. The FCC mandates a 99-cent fee for calls made from pay phones.

There are any connection charges or hidden charges using this service?
NO. You just paid what you use, There are NO connection charges, maintenance charges, or hidden charges of any king. The rate per minute that you have is rounded in 1 minute increments.

Is there any Warnings or spcial advise on using the service ?
Yes, Please be advise that if you block your caller ID using *67, or your cellular company is not sending your ANI, we will not be able to recognize you, and the system will ask you for your Pin number.
Be aware that when using mobile phones, if you press send again after entering the destination number you may be hanging up the call with our system and starting a new call using your mobile service provider. To avoid this, NEVER press send after entering the destination number.

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