You can sign up online (SIGN UP NOW) or by calling our Toll free number at 1-866-505-2995 - from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm EST - 7 days a week.

- Llamada Directa Recharge Plan is a prepaid long distance service, where starting from $ 20 you can decide the denomination that you would start charging your account with.
- Your long distance account will be immediately activated upon authorization of your credit card.
- You can start making calls immediately after you signing up.
- Every time you place a call the system will play you your account balance and minutes to the destination you call. As you make calls, we deduct the cost of the call from the initial amount you paid us when you signed up.
- For your convenience you have the option to automatically recharge your account when your balance hits $ 3, allowing you to continue with your call thus saving you time and money.

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