With Llamada Directa you have two ways to make calls -Toll Free or Local Access. You can either make calls using our Toll Free Access Number 1-800-863-2985, which is easy to remember, just think every time I use Llamada Directa I save 50 to 90% on all calls I make. However, to provide you with additional savings Llamada Directa™ has recently added Local Access Numbers, that will provide you with an additional 1 ¢ per minute saving to anywhere you call. So whatever the per minute rate to the destination you wish to call just subtract 1 ¢ per minute to get the Local Access Rate.

Please visit our rates page to see the complete list of rates to all international destinations.

Toll Free Access Number: 1-800-963-2985 - never changes will always stay the same no matter where you are in the continental US!

Local Access

For additional savings you may choose to use a Local Access Number to access our system rather than the above Toll free number.

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